Support Services

M&K started with Consulting Services in 2013 and soon realized the need of starting Database Support Services as there is tremendous work load on internal resources of Client’s DBAs. Since then we have provided DBA Support services to numerous clients with proven track record of supporting client data infrastructure efficiently and helping them lower support cost while increasing performance and availability.

We provide full and supplement remote\onsite database administration and monitoring. Our Operation Center is location in Central PA area in Harrisburg region PA. We constantly research and evaluate leading-edge support technology to ensure that our customers continue to take advantage of best-in-class support processes.

  • Provide DBA experts who monitor, maintain and protect your critical databases utilizing Industry Best Practices.
  • Support Server and Patch installation, configuring High Availability features and Load Balancing, Upgradation Projects etc.….
  • Support day-to-day activities like Database Backup, Schedule Job monitoring, Deployment tasks etc.…
  • Support Database Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Extraction_Tranformaiton_Loading and Reporting related projects.
  • Provide best practice and performance tuning recommendations unique to your environment.
  • Help increasing database productivity and sustainment.
  • Support development to new application needs.
  • 100% US Based DBA support for Oracle, SQL, MySQL RDMSs.