We take extreme caution to make sure to not only start with the right piece of information but also to build it from there. And in order to achieve that here is our step-by-step approach to each project:-

Preliminary Meeting:-

  • Contact and info sharing.
  • Project Scope and Schedule discussion.
  • Service delivery procedure discussion.
  • Q&A Session.

Analyze Client Architecture:-

  • Gather environment details.
  • Analyze with our team of experts.
  • Allot matching resource.
  • Document and share the discoveries.

Service Assessment and Contracting:-

  • Recommend Service options.
  • Discuss service option scope.
  • Agree to contracting term and conditions.

Start Supporting:-

  • Start DBA Support.
  • Perform tasks as agreed.

Review periodically:-

  • Review the DBA support work internally.
  • Schedule review meetings with Clients.
  • Discuss new findings.