Contracting Options

  1. Full DBA Services:-
    1. 100% of your DBA needs are fulfilled by our expert DBA team(s).
    2. We assume complete responsibilities of functionality, security, performance, availability and improvement to your DB environments.
    3. Assign Primary and Secondary senior DBAs to provide end-to-end high impact DBA services.
    4. Support new full cycle development and deployment as per application needs.
    5. Perform system and performance checkouts daily.
    6. Eliminate the costs associated with in-house resource hiring.
  1. Supplement DBA Services:-
    1. Help you to free internal resources for more transformative initiatives.
    2. Provide high level DB support when you need it most.
    3. Assign resources from pool of expert DBAs with at least one primary senior DBA available at all times.
    4. Provide proactive approaches to keep system run at peak performance.
    5. Provide resource when your in-house resource is on vacation or in training.

Provided minimum hour* requirements is fulfilled, you will get discounted block of hours if further services are required.

Provided minimum hour* requirement is not fulfilled, contract will be Non-Proactive support and will not include SLA timeframe response for problematic issues.

However dedicated team of DBA(s) will still be assigned to the Client in any of the contracting option.


Minimum hour*- these hours will be defined in the final contract agreed between M&K and Client.